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Servicing the United Kingdom from its headquarters in Coventry. KR Saws is able to offer its customers a comprehensive range of steel cutting Bandsaw and Circular saw blades.

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Does your company represent the automotive, construction, aerospace or any other form of pipe & tube cutting industry involved with sawing aluminium, nickel alloys, steel and stainless steel solid sections, pipes or tubes? If so KR Saws believe it’s crucial for you to stay up-to-date with the latest technological and operational advancements to make your employees more productive and keep your company competitive.

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As part of a continued development of technical services KR Saws offer its Circular Saw Blade customers an expert in-house saw blade sharpening and repair service utilising fully computerised CNC grinding equipment. By arrangement, KR Saws will collect your Circular Saw Blades and deliver them back to you as new.

By carrying the largest stock of bandsaw blades in the UK and with its in-house precision cutting and welding operation, KR Saws have a metal sawing solution ready and waiting for you today; just a phone call away. KR Saws are proud to offer unrivalled advice and technical support to all its customers with an efficient next-working-day delivery service. To enable us to process your order as fast as possible we are able to accept secure online payments from all major credit and debit cards. For more details click here: Paying by Credit or Debit Card.

KR Saws are proud to be the chosen technical partner of Prosaw Ltd, the UK’s leading saw machine supplier who operate from Kettering and serve the whole of the UK. This exclusive technical collaboration offers customers the very best in sawing solutions by focusing on increasing productivity and lowering operational costs while delivering the latest technologies in bandsaw and circular saw blades and sawing machinery. More about Prosaw

Latest News

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  • welder Even more sparks are flying at KR Saws! - Another investment has been introduced to KR Saws and this time with a new Ideal BAS 340 band saw blade welder. With the ever increasing demand of our Roentgen bi-metal band saw blades, it has meant we have had to invest again to ensure efficiencies and that our customers continue to receive next day service. The Ideal Read More
  • rnd The investments at KR Saws keep on coming! - Steel sawing HSS circular saw blades are a big focus of our at KR Saws and with the investments our parent company Kinkelder puts in to their research and development we thought it would only be right to follow suit with a Loroch microscope. The Loroch microscope is one of a kind to the UK and Read More
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  • kr-saws-new-factory Kr saws on target to complete move to new 20,000ft² factory - Although only moving a short distance next door, KR Saws will complete a move to a new 20,000Ft² facility on the 10th July 2015. This expansion follows ten years of continued growth, establishing KR Saws as the number one saw blade supplier and technical partner to the steel and alloy sawing market in the UK. Major Read More

KR Saws is a joint venture between World-leading, Saw Blade specialists Kinkelder BV and Roentgen GmbH & Co.