aluminium castings
aluminium castings






Companies manufacturing aluminium castings use band saw blades for sawing the risers off the castings after they have been produced.

This process can be challenging due to the aluminium castings abrasive nature caused by sand and the high band speeds used when sawing the risers off

Our high-performance carbide tipped HM-Titan Alu2 and Alu3 band saw blades are designed to withstand high band speeds.

Roentgens bi-alfa WS Alu band saw blade features a wide kerf and aggressive tooth angle, this facilitates a more efficient chip flow, reducing binding, clogging and promotes a longer blade life when sawing aluminium castings.

We are one of the only companies in Europe to stock the 27mm x 1mm band saw blade for cutting aluminium castings. The extra 0.2mm increases the thickness and stability of the blade and reduces the chances of breakages.

The new high alloy backing strip also helps to reduce the fatigue on the blade caused when bending.

Roentgens unique tooth geometry improves the surface finish even in the toughest of environments.

Blade recommendation for aluminium castings

  • HM Titan Alu2
  • HM Titan Alu3
  • Cobalt WS Alu