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Sawing time challenge – bandsaw case study

Following on from our last news story, we wanted to share a typical example of what we see within the metal sawing industry, specifically when companies are cutting exotic alloys with bandsaw machinery.

The case study below shows a Yorkshire based oil and gas company, cutting a billet of 101mm Inconel 718

Earlier this year our Yorkshire based applications engineer undertook an in-depth study to determine how his prospect could improve their sawing processes and the results were typical of what is seen a lot within the sawing industry.

Current Using KR Saws
Feed Rate mm/min 5.8mm 8.6mm
Cut Time 17 mins 23 secs 11 mins 42 secs
No of cuts 137 137
Time Saved Saving 12.95 hours (48% Faster)

At KR Saws we want companies to challenge us to help them improve their sawing processes. 

Due to Covid-19 UK businesses within the engineering, manufacturing and metal stock-holding sectors are being forced to look at money saving exercises and we want to be there to assist any company with a sawing application.

Often buyers of bandsaw blades will only look at the cost of the cutting tool rather than improve efficiencies to save them money, cutting quicker reduces lead times and increases production rates.

Follow this link (Tooling costs) to see how tooling costs only accounts for a small proportion of a companies overall production cost.

We stock an extensive range of Roentgen bandsaw blades and Kinkelder circular saw blades to cover nearly any metal sawing application, including structural steel, steel tube, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, nickel based alloys, aluminum and more.

We have five UK based application engineers covering the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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We currently stock £1.5 million of bandsaw blades and circular saw blades which are available for next working day delivery (T&C apply)