Blog – weld breaks.. enough of the nonsense

The guarantee to all our customers

Too many times we’ve heard prospects talking about weld breaks as if it’s normal, there’s even one story that blades break on the weld because they magically know when they’re going to start cutting off square!! that is engineering at its finest.

We take the quality of our welding extremely seriously and know that if a weld break occurs it isn’t down to a machine fault or operator error but down to a quality issue that started at the workshop.

This is why at KR Saws we’re the only band saw blade supplier to guarantee that if a blade breaks on the weld join, then we will replace that blade free of charge (after inspection)

Some of our competitors will take blades away to be re-welded, but if you consider the teeth will almost certainly have been damaged when the blade snapped, the teeth could have started to wear prior to it snapping and to re-weld would mean you have to shorten the blade so it may not even go back on the machine!

Our opinion is that this isn’t putting the best interest of the customer first, this is why every working day our dedicated welders clean down their machines and check the welds under pressure before work commences to ensure the best quality weld to minimise the chances of a weld break.