The Kinkelder Connexxioncut 3 circular saw blade has been developed for tube cutting on high quality automatic sawing machines at speeds that are very much faster than is possible with HSS steel cutting blades.

The superior performance of the Connexxioncut 3 makes it an ideal choice for many saw cutting solutions, particularly those involving thick wall tubes, very high strength steels and high volume output operations, especially on flying saws with accurate control of chip load and variable feed rate.

Sawing Application: Automatic Sawing Machines

The Kinkelder CX3 TCT circular saw is compatible with the following machines;

Adige Mega
Amada Nishijimax
Bewo Noritake
Everising Prosaw
ExactCut Rattunde
Eisele Behringer RSA
Kaltenbach Sinico
Kasto Tsune
Kentai And more