The high Nickel content of austenitic stainless steel tubes makes them difficult to cut with standard HSS cutting blades. The main problem is that metal cutting saw speeds need to be limited to maintain an acceptable saw blade life.

The Kinkelder Connexxioncut 4 circular saw blade enables saw blade cutting speeds to be increased by up to 100 percent thus doubling the steel cutting output and also the blade life.

Sawing Application: Stainless Steel Tube Cutting

The Kinkelder CX4 TCT circular saw blade is compatible with the following circular saw machines;

Adige Mega
Amada Nishijimax
Bewo Noritake
Everising Prosaw
ExactCut Rattunde
Eisele Behringer RSA
Kaltenbach Sinico
Kasto Tsune
Kentai And more.