CX1H circlar saw blade

Applying a new saw body design, new tooth geometries and a new type of PVD coating, the CX1H saw blade has specifically been designed for cutting high tensile carbon steel (> 900 N/mm2, carbon content ≥ 0.60%) at very high production rates.

It is also very suitable for cutting ferritic, martensitic and duplex stainless steel bars with a diameter larger than 35 mm.


  • New saw body design
  • New dedicated tooth geometries
  • New type of coating
  • Best blade life performances when cutting high tensile carbon steel
  • High productivity when cutting stainless steel


  • Hard solid carbon steel with a tensile strength higher than 900 N/mm2 and ferritic, martensitic and duplex stainless steel bars Ø >35 mm on high performance machines
  • Suggested cutting speed: 60 – 140 m/min.
  • Feed: 0,05 – 0,09 mm/tooth.
  • All known brands of stationary automatic sawing machines such as: Soco, Nishijimax, Tsune, Mega, Everising, Rattunde, Behringer etc.

Note: Respect 10% fill ratio, use wire brush, check quality and supply of oil. Mist preferred. Check temperature of cut surface (should be cold).

The Kinkelder CX1H TCT circular saw blade is compatible with the following circular saw machines;

Adige Mega
Amada Nishijimax
Bewo Noritake
Everising Prosaw
ExactCut Rattunde
Eisele Behringer RSA
Kaltenbach Sinico
Kasto Tsune
Kentai And more.