The standard for all structural- and non-alloyed tool steel

The Alpha saw blade has a blue Oxide surface layer for a longer blade life compared to the uncoated saw blade.
Its main use is for cutting steel on manual and semi-automatic sawing machines.


  • All materials like tubes, profiles and solids
  • All structural steels and non-alloy tool steel with a tensile strength up to 700 N/mm2
  • Suggested cutting speed: 30 – 60 m/min
  • Machines: manual, semi-automatic

Typical application examples:

Material Dimensions
Cutting speed
Cutting time
Blade life
Blade life
Tube 25 x 1,5 38 4,0 18,000 2,0
Tube 32 x 2,0 38 4,2 14,000 2,5

Our Kinkelder HSS circular saw blades are compatible with the following circular saw machines;

Adige Kaltenbach
Amada Kasto
Baileigh Kentai
Bewo Mega
Everising OMP
ExactCut Pedrazzoli
Eisele Behringer Prosaw
Haberle RSA
Ileri Sinico
Imet And many more