Product Concept

The Power 3000 circular saw blade has been developed to raise saw cutting performance to extremely high levels. Kinkelder has developed a new manufacturing technology that enables thin kerf saw blades to be produced with exceptional rigidity. The superior surface finish, made possible by this new Kinkelder technology, combined with a specially developed low friction PVD coating, results in outstanding blade life.

Product Advantages

This new circular saw blade, the Power 3000 incorporates the latest PVD technology and also has the following characteristics:

  • Low vibration level as a result of the thin kerf
  • Very high blade life as the cutting faces are protected with a low friction coating

By fully coating the teeth and applying new micro tooth geometry there is no loss of cutting blade performance throughout the life of the Power 3000 saw blade. An ideal saw blade for stainless steel tube cutting and which benefits from KR Saws unique re-coating process combined with a new high precision re-grind technology, servicing the UK.

Our Kinkelder circular saws are compatible with the following machines;


Adige Kaltenbach
Amada Kasto
Baileigh Kentai
Bewo Mega
Everising OMP
ExactCut Pedrazzoli
Eisele Behringer Prosaw
Haberle RSA
Ileri Sinico
Imet And many more