Product Concept

The Power Integral circular saw blade is a special development of the “thin kerf” technology. The saw blade hub is strengthened for stability under high cutting forces. The combination of low friction and cutting resistance with high strength enable Kinkelder to adapt the Power Integral cutting blades for extremely demanding applications.

Product Advantages

The benefits of an exceptionally thin saw blade can be seen from the following characteristics:

  • Minimal deformation or spinning of tubes in the sawing machine vices
  • Significantly improved yields when cutting short lengths of expensive materials
  • Thin kerf creates less vibration and extends cutting blade life when used on sawing machines with limited power

Our Kinkelder circular saws are compatible with the following machines;


Adige Kaltenbach
Amada Kasto
Baileigh Kentai
Bewo Mega
Everising OMP
ExactCut Pedrazzoli
Eisele Behringer Prosaw
Haberle RSA
Ileri Sinico
Imet And many more