A revolution in the tube cutting industry

The Kinkelder Supreme range builds on the success of the Kinkelder Performance and Power range of circular saw blades, producing even higher cutting performance within the constraints of competitive pricing.

The Kinkelder Supreme circular saw blade has fully coated teeth and has been developed to optimise the performance of the latest generation of high volume sawing machines.

New re-sharpening and economic re-coating technologies have been developed to reproduce the exceptional cutting performance throughout the life of the saw blade. High productivity can therefore be achieved with very low tool costs, exceeding all other saw blades currently on the market.

Product Advantages

The extremely high performance level makes it possible to saw tube components very quickly and economically. On the latest sawing machines with the appropriate feed and speed methods, output can be increased by up to 100 percent and tool cutting blade life by up to 300 percent when compared with current high-end PVD coated circular saw blade technology. Key features include:

  • Full high density coating
  • Exceptionally long blade life
  • Newly formulated coating specification
  • Consistent whole-life performance backed by a reconditioning service provided by KR Saws

Kinkelder Supreme, the highest performing HSS circular saw blade in the marketplace.

Supreme 1000

The Kinkelder Supreme 1000 is the standard circular saw blade for tube cutting and provides up to 3 times more blade life than a conventional PVD coated product with output rates improved by up to 70 percent.

Supreme 2000

The Kinkelder Supreme 2000 has increased performance under-pinned by M35 cobalt alloy steel Supreme technology. A high density coating of the tooth edge ensures high cutting rates and long blade life without the need for re-coating.

Supreme 3000

The Kinkelder Supreme 3000 incorporates the combination of 2 ground breaking technologies providing vibration free high performance cutting. A thin kerf supported by a rigid body reduces the possibility of tube spinning and deformation.

Our Kinkelder circular saws are compatible with the following machines;


Adige Kaltenbach
Amada Kasto
Baileigh Kentai
Bewo Mega
Everising OMP
ExactCut Pedrazzoli
Eisele Behringer Prosaw
Haberle RSA
Ileri Sinico
Imet And many more