It’s productivity not pricing that cuts costs!

It’s natural that one of the first things we’re asked is how much our product costs and this is often seen as the main focus for a lot of companies and there lies the problem.

The manufacturing industry is going through some challenging times at the minute, especially with Brexit looming.

A reduction in costs through continual improvements is vital to increasing productivity and saving money.

If companies are to be profitable over the next few years then it is desirable for them to maintain or improve competitiveness through improved efficiencies and reduction in lead times rather than saving a few pounds on a saw blade.

Our view as shared by our parent companies Roentgen and Kinkelder is that a mistaken focus on unit price can allow increased costs to creep in.

A high proportion of companies continue to give priority to tool life rather than speed of production.

A lot of senior managers, are more interested in the price of consumables used for production rather than the overall efficiency of the operation.

The worst-case outcome of this is that a company could aim to maximise the life of cheap tooling so the process performance is well below what it could and should be.

Only a very small percentage of production costs are attributed to the saw blade, other things to consider is employee hours, over-time, energy costs, over heads, material costs and much more.

Our aim is to help assist companies by bench marking to find out where they’re currently at.

Then to agree improvement objectives including reducing cut times and increasing saw blade tool life.

With several successful projects this year alone we are looking for sawing production challenges, cutting carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Structural Steel, Steel Tube, Titanium, Inconel, Aluminium and nickel alloys

We want you to challenge us to help you improve by 20%

We have 5 dedicated application engineers covering the UK and Ireland.

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