Low friction for high speed cutting of harder materials.

Pulsar saw blades distinguish themselves by a low friction coefficient, which makes them especially efficient at cutting harder materials at higher cutting speeds. Also very suitable for cutting stainless steel.

Areas of application

Pulsar is ideal for sawing the following;

Typical application example:

Material Dimensions
Cutting speed
Cutting time
Blade life
Blade life
Tube 40 x 4 S235 70 3,96 561 5,000 2,2

Stainless steel applications

Material Suggested
cutting speed
Blade life
Austenitic stainless steel (300 series) 30 – 50 m/min ≈ 1 m2
Ferritic w/o Ti (409 & 412) 220 – 260 m/min < 3 m2
Ferritic with Ti (441) 60 – 120 m/min


Our blades are compatible with all machines examples are;

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