Sawing Time challenge

The current COVID-19 pandemic should be changing the mindset in which businesses within the UK metal industry run their bandsaw and circular sawing processes.

Over the past 15 years we have seen UK companies with a sawing application continuing to process metals in the same way, with a ‘if it hasn’t broken don’t fix it’ attitude. The fact is that you wouldnt use a mobile phone in the same way as you did 15 years ago and with saw machine manufacturers and saw blade manufacturers constantly improving tooling and equipment its essential for companies to stay ahead of the game and not fall in to this trap.

In 2017 it was estimated that UK manufacturing companies lost £180 billion due to machine downtime.

At KR Saws our aim is to encourage companies to look at reducing costs, through increasing production and reducing down time. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Our approach includes a site visit to assess the current condition of sawing machinery, monitor feed and speed rates and record tool life.

This information allows us to put a proposal forward using a six sigma approach to improve your sawing process.

The six sigma approach, may include machine maintenance, operator training, new recommended feed and speed rates, coolant checks and more.

Our speciality is metal cutting bandsaw blades and circular saw blades, fousing on the metal and aerospace markets including, structural steel, steel sections, stainless steel, steel tube, stainless steel tube, titanium, inconel and other exotic and nickel based alloys.

Can you afford not to give us an opportunity?!

Our HSS circular saw blades and carbide circular saw blades are manufactured by Kinkelder in Holland and the M42 bandsaw blades, M51 bandsaw blades and carbide bandsaw blades are manufactured by Roentgen in Germany.

Our HSS circular saw sharpening centre  is home to 3 Loroch resharpening machines.

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