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Sawing steel tube has always been a massive focus for our parent companies Kinkdelder and Roentgen.

More so Kinkelder as they manufacture a wide variety of HSS and carbide tipped circular saw blades to suit different steel and stainless steel tube applications across the globe.

With our extensive range of stock at KR saws we have a blade to suit all applications and machines;


  • Kinkelder alpha – This blade is mainly used in engineering companies and fabricators, because the machines are manual with no control over feed rates that wouldn’t tend to generate a lot of heat.
  • Kinkelder coated EC3000 – A versatile and cost effective PVD coated blade. This coating helps to protect against heat and reduce wear, suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic circular saw machines cutting steel and stainless steel with a tensile strength of up to 600 N/mm2.
  • Kinkelder power 2000 – This circular saw blade is ideal for cutting stainless steel on high production circular saw machines such as an RSA, Bewo or Adige. This blade has a superior surface finish and PVD coating to minimise vibration and burr, which is why the Power blade is the best HSS circular saw blade for steel tube.

Kinkelders HSS diameters start from 225mm up to 600mm.

Kinkelder Power blade









  • Kinkelder CX3 – This blade has been specially developed for sawing steel tube on high product automatic circular saw machines such as a Mega, Rattunde, RSA, Eisle Behringer or Tsune. This blade has the ability to cut at much higher production rates than HSS circular saw blades.
  • Kinkelder CX 4 – Sawing stainless steel tube has become a challenge for many companies due to the high nickel content that resides within the tube, but the CX4 enables sawing speeds of up to 100% doubling production rates.
  • Kinkelder TubeMaster – There are 2 varieties of this blade, one for stainless steel and the other for carbon steel. Both of these blades have a new body design and improved carbide grade and geometry, this has allowed Kinkelder to develop the perfect solution for cutting tube with a TCT circular saw blade on tube mills using flying and orbital saws such as MTM, OTO mills and linsinger.



  • Roentgen Profile band saw – The interrupted nature of steel and stainless steel tube can have a detrimental effect on the blades tool life, but the uniquely reinforced tooth profile on this blade produces a superb cut whilst reducing vibration. The additional strengths in the back of the tooth decreases the chances of teeth stripping, making it the perfect band saw blade for steel tube.
M42 profile band saw blade
M42 profile band saw blade







For videos of tube sawing please visit our saw blade video centre.

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