Friction Circular Saw Blades

Friction Blades

Kinkelder Friction Circular Saw Blades are available in either CrV (Chrome Vanadiun DIN 1.2235) or TM (Tungsten Manganese DIN 1.2604) grade steel.

The standard range covers saw blade diameters from 200 mm to 1200 mm with larger sizes available to special order. Tooth styles and cutting angles are determined by the sawing machine type and specification and hardness condition of the material to be sawn. Blade life can also be further increased by applying a chrome coating.

Recommended fields of application include cutting steel pipes and structural sections at temperatures below 250 degrees Celsius with an ideal peripheral speed range of 100 to 140 m/sec. Optimum feed rates can vary from 80 to 2000 mm/min depending upon sawing applications.

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