HSS Circular Saw Blades

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The standard for all structural and non-alloyed tool steel.

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Cost-effective for thin-walled tubes and profiles in stainless steel.

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Power NX

Ideal for cutting thin-walled 300 series stainless steel tubes.

Our HSS circular saw blades are designed for cutting pipes, sections, solid ferrous metals and, to a less significant extent, non-ferrous metals. We can supply HSS saw blades as bright finished (with no surface treatment), steam treated (Vapo) or with a flash chrome coating.

Alternatively, a range of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) cutting blades can also be supplied with the following coatings:

  • TiN – Titanium Nitride; a good all-round coating which allows saw cutting at much higher speeds than with HSS Steam Treated saw blades and are recommended for cutting steel tubes and profiles.
  • TiALN– Titanium Aluminium Nitride; provides better protection against higher temperatures than a TiN coating. Recommended for cutting applications on which fast cutting speeds or very hard materials cause higher temperatures.
  • TiCN– Titanium Carbon Nitride; has a very low friction coefficient, extending the cutting blade life in steel tube cutting applications. Suitable for cutting all steel types including stainless steel.

Standard HSS circular saw blades are supplied in high-speed steel grade M2 = DIN 1.3343 and are also available in cobalt-alloyed steel grades such as M35 = DIN 1.3243 and S390 Powder Metallurgy Steel. Diameters vary from 150 to 640 mm in various tooth forms.

For more information, technical advice or prices please call us on 024 7661 0907 or email us at sales@krsaws.co.uk.