Carbide and Cermet Circular Saw Blades

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Specifically designed for cutting high tensile carbon steel.

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PVD coated carbide tipped for cutting solid steel at very high production rates.

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Ideal for cutting steel tubes on high performance automatic sawing machines.

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Carbide tipped and PVD coated for cutting solid stainless steel

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Cermet tipped saw blade dedicated to cutting low to medium strength carbon steel.

The successful introduction of this pioneering Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Circular Saw Blade has enabled production rates to be achieved that were previously considered to be impossible.

Product Concept

The Kinkelder CX range of circular saw blades has been developed to cut steel tubes and solid materials at speeds in excess of those possible with standard HSS saw blades. During the manufacturing process Tungsten Carbide tips are brazed onto a soft body, and then the tooth geometry is applied by a high precision grinding process. Most CX series circular saw blades are specified with a sophisticated PVD coating to protect and extend the life of the TCT saw blade tips.

Dependent upon the type of sawing application and material specification, many different variants of the CX series Circular Saw Blade are available.

Alternative carbide grades, tooth geometry and PVD coatings can be specified to best satisfy all steel cutting solutions.

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