Expert in-house metal cutting saw blade sharpening and repair service utilising fully computerised CNC grinding equipment.

HSS circular saw blade sharpening is a big focus of ours at KR Saws. With our state of the art precision machinery, we lead the way in innovative and quality saw blade reconditioning.

We precision regrind a range of HSS saw blades from our warehouse in Coventry, West Midlands. Our weekly van collections make it easy for our customers to send and receive re-sharpened circular saw blades. By arrangement, KR Saws will collect your HSS saw blades and deliver them back to you as new.

Our warehouse is home to 3 fully computerised Loroch CNC precision HSS saw blade regrinding machines, allowing us to offer precise blade re-toothing and re-grinding with a fast turnaround.

Customers also receive expert circular saw technical advice. With our Loroch microscope we can go into more detail than ever before – magnifying tooth wear, tooth pitches, rake angles, gullet depths and much more, allowing us to assist our customers and help solve any problems they may incur.

Our capabilities allow us to offer leading sharpening services for HSS saw blades, we are a dedicated metal cutting circular saw blade specialist.

Looking for HSS circular saw blade sharpening services near you? KR Saws are the best choice for HSS sharpening, alongside our saw blade supply services.

For more information, technical advice or prices please call us on 024 7661 0907 or email us on .