Segmental Circular Saw Blades

Segmental Blades

Kinkelder Segmental Circular Saw Blades consist of a CrV (Chrome Vanadium) steel disc on to which hardened toothed segments are mounted and secured by rivets. This construction process makes it possible to repair a segmental saw blade after heavy tooth or segment breakage by simply replacing one or more of the segments.

Standard Kinkelder Segmental saw blades are supplied in HSS grade M2 = DIN 1.3343 and can also be supplied in cobalt-alloyed steel, such as M35 = DIN 1.3243 and M42 = DIN 1.3247 in diameters ranging from 250 mm to 1610 mm with various tooth forms.

In addition to the basic bright finish various blade coatings including Titanium Nitride, Titanium Carbon Nitride, Titanium Aluminium Nitride or Chrome Nitride can be applied to accommodate many different sawing applications.

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