At, KR Saws it is our mission to keep customers up to date with the latest technological advancements in metal sawing and to provide the best operator training that the metal industry has to offer.

The world of metal sawing and manufacturing is changing all the time and with new product developments we are at a distinct advantage because we’re owned by Europe’s leading saw blade manufacturers Kinkelder (circular saw blades) and Roentgen (band saw blades)

In many companies, we have found that the current knowledge of saw operators has been passed on by their predecessor, this information is often out-dated or obsolete and this is where we would like to help your company to save time, money and energy.

Our application engineers are dedicated professionals supported by the research and development teams from Kinkelder & Roentgen and with access to worldwide sawing applications we are confident that significant improvements can be implemented to your sawing processes and provide your with the perfect sawing solution.

An example of what our training programmes include is feed and speed rates, saw blade handling and sawing different materials.

We’re confident that providing these training programmes, will give your operators the confidence to saw quicker and increase blade life, which in turn leads to a reduction in down-time, electrical costs and energy consumption.

The new ISO50001 energy management regulations has meant that large companies and corporations have to reduce energy costs and be able to demonstrate measurable savings. Our training programmes can help you do just that. Being energy efficient comes with other benefits such as helping to tackle climate change.

We want companies to challenge us to help them reduce sawing costs by 20%, whether that’s by helping increase production rates or saw blade life.

Just think, if we can help you to increase your production rates by 20% then that’s one extra working day a week you have available! #1extraday

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