Bi-Alfa Cobalt M51

Bi-Alfa Cobalt M51

The Roentgen Bi-Alfa Cobalt M51 Bandsaw Blade is manufactured with an alloyed steel backing strip with a 4% chromium content and has an HSS M51 cutting edge teeth.

Due to the high cobalt and tungsten content of the cutting tips, the M51 bandsaw blade has high thermal and mechanical wear resistance.

Recommended for cutting nickel based alloys such as Inconel 718 & Inconel 625 along with Titanium and stainless steel.

The M51 band saw blade is suitable for difficult cutting jobs, typically for metals and alloys that generate heat with a hardness of up to 50 HRc.

Higher cutting rates can be achieved without compromising blade life or surface finish.

Areas of application

Bi-Alfa Cobalt M51 is ideal for sawing the following;


Our blades are compatible with all machines examples are;

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