Bi-Alfa Cobalt WS

Bi-Alfa Cobalt WS

The Roentgen Bi-Alfa Cobalt WS Profile (Wide Set) M42 Bandsaw Blade is produced with M42 cutting tips for wear resistance.

A typical problem can occur when a band saw blades get stuck during the cutting process due to stresses within the metal, most commonly when cutting large structural steel beams, tool steel and highly stressed alloys.

The wide set nature of the band saw blade teeth allows a wider cutting channel and reduces the chances of the blade trapping. 



The band saw blade benefits from a wider set (Kerf) to create more clearance through the cut. The wider cutting channel helps to prevent the blade from binding and stalling in the cut, a common problem when cutting structural steels with high tension.

Roentgen’s Profile wide set M42 band saw blades are compatible with all band saw machines in the U.K.

Areas of application

Bi-Alfa Cobalt WS is ideal for sawing the following;


Our blades are compatible with all machines examples are;

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