Bi-Alfa Profile

Bi-Alfa Profile

Roentgen’s Profile M42 band saw blade and its variant PROFILE WS ensure a perfect cut under vibrations. Vibrations occur during the cutting of tubes, beams and profiles which can reduce the band saw blade life.

The uniquely designed reinforced tooth increases the strength to withstand vibrations during interrupted cutting and protects the band saw blade against teeth stripping.

The tooth tip consists of a proven HSS-M42, which has good mechanical features.

Roentgen’s Bi-alfa Profile is the band saw blade is unique to the structural steel market and has excellent blade life when cutting round and square tubes as well as beams and angles.

There are a variety of users that would benefit from using this blade such as steel fabricators and steel stock holders.

Areas of application

Bi-Alfa Profile is ideal for sawing the following;


Our blades are compatible with all machines examples are;

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