Due to a sophisticated PVD coating for wear protection which achieves a very low friction coefficient, the Fernox saw blade is a cost-efficient solution for cutting structural and non-alloy tool steel thin-walled tubes.

When cutting tubes and profiles on manual and semi-automatic circular sawing machine, the Kinkelder HSS Fernox circular saw blade allows a higher cutting speed than a steam treated saw blade. It can even be used for cutting thin-walled tubes on automatic machines.

The Fernox circular saw blade is also very suitable for cutting stainless steel tubes and profiles.

Advantages compared to steam treated:

  • Increased blade life
  • Reduced downtime & tool changes
  • Lower cost per cut & production costs
  • Little to no side pick-up
  • Higher production output
  • Ideal for cutting both structural- and stainless steel

Areas of application

Fernox is ideal for sawing the following;

Typical application example:

Material Dimensions
Cutting speed
Cutting time
Blade life
Blade life
Tube 40 x 4 S235 70 3,96 561 5,000 2,2

Stainless steel applications

Material Suggested
cutting speed
Blade life
Austenitic stainless steel (300 series) 30 – 50 m/min ≈ 1 m2
Ferritic w/o Ti (409 & 412) 220 – 260 m/min < 2 m2
Ferritic with Ti (441) 60 – 120 m/min


Our blades are compatible with all machines examples are;

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