HM-Titan Forte C

HM-Titan Forte C

Coated Carbide HM-Titan Forte C Bandsaw Blade Verses M42/M51 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade.

The high-performance Roentgen HM-Titan Forte C bandsaw blade is a coated carbide band saw blade which features carbide tips secured by electronic controlled welding into a spherical milled pocket formed in the special alloy backing strip. The special carbide coating over the tooth tips allows for a significantly higher cutting performance along with an increased service life compared to standard bi-metal band saw blades. Furthermore the coated carbide tipped Fortec C is able to immediately contribute to efficiency and productivity as a break-in procedure at lower cutting parameters is not necessary.

Areas of application

HM-Titan Forte C is ideal for sawing the following;

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